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Money is one thing that cannot be dispensed with today because of the difficulties, not to mention calamities that affect the ability of people to work and make money. Accidents may happen in a blink of an eye and it might serve as a stern test for you. This is where a payment protection insurance or PPI comes in. Numerous financial institutions provide PPI for everyone out there that has countless financial obligations. Failure to pay said obligations is tantamount to getting some dirt on their credit ratings and everyone knows how disappointing that could be.

ppi loanWhat is the Purpose of PPI?
PPI is afforded for everyone who would want to secure themselves of paying their obligations on time. It serves as a coverage in the event that their client would fail to cope with their financial obligations because they might be experiencing financial struggles on their own – the falling of a business or becoming unemployed. It would be logical to say that when your business is going down or you are unemployed, you would find it hard to pay for the water bills, electricity bills and all other bills. However if you have a PPI you will not have that much of a problem because you would be covered as far as the payments are concerned.

Getting a PPI Loan: Requirements
As to the question on who is entitled to get a PPI loan, the answer is quite easy. As long as you can pay for the premiums and you can show them that you have a stable income or ample assets, whichever the case may be, you will have the chance of applying for a PPI loan at any time. If you are serious about applying for a PPI loan, you should prepare two valid IDs as well as a proof that you are residing at a particular address. These assure the financial company that you are who you are and that you can easily be found in case of any problem.

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Choosing a PPI Loan
After you have gathered the necessary requirements, you should proceed in choosing the best PPI Loan plan that would best complement your needs. It is worthy to note that your income as well as your assets plays a big part in the application for a particular loan. Financial companies would carefully look at your ability to make money without disregarding your need for their assistance. If you have a huge salary, you can go for a PPI loan that is also huge. On the other hand, if you just have enough for you to get through the, you will not have that much options at your disposal.

These are the important things that you should know when you are in dire need of financial assistance. Remember that you should show them that you have what it takes to pay off the money or the insurance. Hard evidence would immediately convince the company that offers PPI loans so you should show whatever evidence you can produce so that your application may be accepted as soon as possible.

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If for some reason I am unsuccessful in obtaining a refund or if there is no PPI on the facility then there is nothing to pay. It is purely a No Win No Fee basis so you have nothing to lose, where our fee if successful is 25% including the VAT.


Just to give you some background I have been dealing with bank complaints for over 15 years personally following my time in a high street bank. My company operates with a handful of staff and a continuous number of clients so that I personally have time to oversee all of the claims.


If you do not know all of the information regarding the facilities you would like me to look into, which can include any Loans, Credit Cards or Mortgage accounts or are uncertain as to whether there is insurance on the borrowing, just add the name of the lender and the address they are likely to have on file on the sheet that I am sending. I can then check the information on your behalf going back about 14 years so it can be in relation to either current of closed facilities.


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