How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

How far back can you claim PPI?  This will depend on when the loan or credit agreement was taken out the standard amount of time usually quoted by claims companies is six years.  We have been able to claim much further back than this with some of our clients reclaiming up to 15 years of their mis-sold PPI. 

Don’t worry if you no longer have the paperwork or documents, we are able to make a claim on your behalf without any kind of paperwork or even the policy number. Please fill in the form on this page for a free no obligation consultation.

I tried to make a claim for my PPI but was told it was too old

There are time limits which apply to making a complaint and you usually need to raise the complaint within the past six years of the policy being sold to you. (Again contact us if you want to claim futher back)

Lots of people who are currently complaining about PPI are in time as it’s only recently that they have known that there has been a problem with the miss selling of these policies.

Usually if the policy was sold a long time ago, the banks may not hold the records for the borrowing or the policy itself, which is why they have said that it is too old for them to look into.

But if you do hold information regarding the policy or have a loan or credit card statement showing PPI payments, then the banks should look into the complaint, where you can send them proof of this.

If the banks still decline the claim, they should send you a letter stating the reasoning behind this and then you can send the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service for them to review.

If you do not want to go down this route then we would be happy to look into the complaint for you, all we would need to know to start a claim is the name of the lender and if you have moved house, then the address that the lender would most likely have on record for you.

We work on a No Win No Fee basis, so if no PPI is found or if a refund is not agreed by the lender then there is no fee to pay. Don’t delay, email your name and postal address to or call 01752 840623 to talk to someone about your situation.

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If for some reason I am unsuccessful in obtaining a refund or if there is no PPI on the facility then there is nothing to pay. It is purely a No Win No Fee basis so you have nothing to lose, where our fee if successful is 25% including the VAT.


Just to give you some background I have been dealing with bank complaints for over 15 years personally following my time in a high street bank. My company operates with a handful of staff and a continuous number of clients so that I personally have time to oversee all of the claims.


If you do not know all of the information regarding the facilities you would like me to look into, which can include any Loans, Credit Cards or Mortgage accounts or are uncertain as to whether there is insurance on the borrowing, just add the name of the lender and the address they are likely to have on file on the sheet that I am sending. I can then check the information on your behalf going back about 14 years so it can be in relation to either current of closed facilities.


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