How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

howfarbackcanppiclaimsgoHow far back can you claim PPI?  This will depend on when the loan or credit agreement was taken out the standard amount of time usually quoted by claims companies is six years.  We have been able to claim much further back than this with some of our clients reclaiming up to 15 years of [...]

What is a Mis-sold Mortgage?

From the 31st October 2004 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has regulated mortgage advice. The rulebook which it uses to monitor the industry called the Mortgage Conduct of Business (MCOB requires the advisor selling the mortgage to follow strict guidelines to protect the customer. One of the key areas is that the client is suitable […]

How Far Back Can PPI Claims Go?


Most people are aware of the PPI scandal, but are unaware of how far back can PPI claims go.  Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a commonly used form of insurance that provides protection from missing payments on mortgages, credit cards and the like. Most often, PPI is used when an unexpected event such as an […]

PPI Claims Time Limit


What is the time limit on a PPI Claim?  Across the UK, millions of people are looking over their loans, mortgages and credit card payment information to see if they have been overcharged for PPI or payment protection insurance. The recent scandal involving many UK banks and lending institutions has resulted in thousands of PPI […]

Making a PPI Claim With No Proof of Account

Payment protection insurance commonly referred to as PPI is an insurance cover that aims to help the consumer in making payments in case of illness, loss of income, or death. It basically cushions a consumer when in distress. However, over the years banks took advantage of the cover and grossly mis-sold it to millions of […]

PPI Claims 2013 – Apply NOW before it is to Late

ppi reclaims

The future is always uncertain. Hence when people take out loans, debts or mortgages, they also pay for payment protection insurance cover to protect them incase they lose their source of income before they repay the loans. This cover is for people in employment. Students, pensioners and self employed people are not eligible for the […]

Have you been declined for a home insurance claim?

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A home insurance is taken in order to protect one against the loss they may incur in case of a disaster or damage in their homes. Some of the risks that may be insured against include earthquakes, fire, or hurricanes. However, even with these covers, not all claims are compensated. Sometimes, the home insurance company […]

Do you have a PPI mortgage claim?

PPI mortgage can also be referred to as mortgage PPI or MPPI. MPPI covers mortgage payments for the beneficiary is designed to make payments on behalf of the beneficiary in difficult situations that may disallow mortgage payments.  These situations include loss of income due to illness, loss of employment, or death. The payments are made […]

How to make a bank complaint?

A bank complaint is a formal or legal claim made against the bank by its customer. Bank complaints are normally lodged directly to the bank concerned. If the bank declines the claim or takes no action then the customer can use other avenues to make a complaint such as the financial ombudsman or the courts.  […]

What to do if refused your PPI claim

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Payment protection Insurance or PPI for short is also known as the credit protection insurance or credit insurance or loan repayment insurance. It is an insurance cover taken out to protect the consumer in case of circumstances that may hinder the repayment of a borrowing facility. This can be for a loan, Credit Card, Mortgage […]